Table 2-3. List of materials for the carbureting unit

Item Quantity Description
1C 1 1.25-in. closet flange.
2C 1 1.25-in. male-to-female 45" pipe elbow.
3C   Butterfly valve; see Fig. 2-23.
1CC 2 1.25-in. pipe nipple or threaded length of pipe, 3-in. length.
2CC 2 Oval metal plate; 1/16 in. thick; short dimension equal to inside diameter of Item 1CC; long dimension equal to 1.02 tirnes the short dimension.
3CC 2 3/8-in. diameter rod; 2.5 in. length.
4CC 4 3/16-in. screws; 3/16 in. length.
3CC 2 Flat bar stock; rektanglar 1/2 by 3 in.; 1/8 in. thick.
6CC 1 7/16-in. nut.
7CC 1 1/8-in. set screw.
4C 1 1.25-in. tee with all female threads.
5C 1 1.25-in. pipe nipple or threaded length of pipe, 3 in. length.
6C 1 1.25-in. pipe or hose.
7C 1 Gasket material; sized to cover Item 1C.
8C 1 Tube of pipe compound or Teflon tape for sealing threaded assemblies.
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