English units have been retained in the body of this report. The report refers to commercially available materials and sizes which are commonly expressed in English units. The conversion factors for SI units are given below:

To convert from TO Multiply by
cubic feet (ftl) cubic meters (m3) 0.0283
cubie yards (ydl) cubic meters (m3) 0.7646
Fahrenheit degrees (OF) Kelvin degrees (K) (see Note 1)
foot (ft) meter (m) 0.3048
gallon (gal) cubic meters (m3) 3.785 * 10-3
horsepower (bp) watt (W) 745.7
inch (in.) meter (m) 0.0254
pound (lb) kilogram (kg) 0.4536
quart (qt.) cubie meters (m3) 9.464 * 10-4
Note I: To convert temperatures, use the following equation,

K = 273 + 0.5556 X (F - 32),
where F is the temperature in Fabrenheit degrees, and K is the temperature in Kelvin degrees.

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